This chapel presents a 17th century wooden Entombment of Christ, in which the traditional figures are represented :

  • the recumbent Christ
  • the Virgin Mary
  • Saint Mary, mother of James the Minor
  • Saint Salome, mother of saints James the Greater and John
  • Saint Joseph of Arimathea, the worthy Jew who lent his tomb for the burial of Christ
  • Saint Nicodemus who brought myrrh and aloe for the embalming of the body
  • Saint John the Apostle
  • Saint Mary Magdalene with her perfume vase and holding her hair with her hand.

       The Conflent, like all the Catalan country, had a lot of devotion to the Holy Sepulcher. Like Prades, the churches of Catllar, Vinça, Espira, Villefranche and Corneilla, have their Entombment of Christ.

       The large marble slab with no inscription, which lies in front of this chapel, must cover the tomb of Joseph Barrera and his family. Indeed, as a reward for his devotion to the Holy Sepulcher of his parish, this bourgeois of Prades obtained, in 1655, permission to dig his “vas”, that’s to say his tomb, in this chapel.





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