The keystone of this chapel bears the coat of arms of the city of Prades :


       “The shield is quartered, depicting in the 1st quarter the arms of France

In the 2nd and 3rd, the arms of Catalonia,

and in the 4th, the arms of Navarre,

St Peter binding the whole : the shield bearing the stamp of a royal crown and surrounded by a collar of the Holy Spirit”

with the date “Anno Domini 1645”.

       At that time, Louis XIV was entitled “King of France and Navarre, Earl of Barcelona, Roussillon and Cerdagne”.


Besides, the king of France was the Sovereign and Grand Master of the Order of the Holy Spirit.


       Prades, whose jurisdiction came under royal domain since 1589, had “ipso facto” right to the heraldic attributes of the King.


The stoup would have been that of the former church and would date back to the 15th century.





Traduction : Gaëlle GUILLAUME

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